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Birth  & Postpartum Doula Services



“I have a hunger to help provide a space of peace and reassurance to all birthing experiences. Pregnancy, birth and the
postpartum season are the gateway to parenthood. I absolutely love ushering families through this time, with the attention and care they deserve”

Amanda has been a Birth and Postpartum Doula since 2017 when she became fully trained through Doula Alliance in Northern California were she assisted in managing a Doula Collective as well as linking arms with other Doulas in the community and assisted in establishing a 501c3, providing birth support to family birthing at the local hospitals. In winter of 2020, Amanda moved to the Wenatchee valley eager to support the families of this community and share the knowledge she has with other professionals in the field.

Amanda first found her love for birth at the young age of three when the word "Doula" reached her ear at the time her mother was expecting her younger sister.

Since 2012 Amanda has been an advocate for evidence based birth. Specializing as a young and first time mothers advocate, with extensive experience with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Prenatal & Labor Support, Extended Postpartum Care, Placenta Encapsulation, Intuitive Birthing Guidance

Amanda is an experienced and seasoned mother herself of four young sons and has had the privilege of helping many women from all walks of life embark on their birthing journey gently through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and aromatherapy.



What I Offer

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Breastfeeding Support


Birth Preparation & Support


Birth Processing

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Postpartum Support


Birth Photography


Birth Art & Placenta Encapsulation


Amanda was absolutely great! I was terrified and knew little to nothing about having a baby but she had my back and calmed me down. She showed me different birthing positions which helped a ton and she even helped with my nausea! She went above and beyond and I feel my birthing experience would not have been near as smooth had it not been for her.

Whitney B.


Had everything she needed
Knew better positions to relieve pain
Comfortable with her
Calming music
Essential oils
Mints for nausea

Amanda was a true life saver as I gave birth for the very first time. She has a calmness about her that makes laboring easier. She was so prepared and brought everything I needed. Since I had back labor she was able to help get me into a more comfortable position that I almost felt like I could nap, as I was so exhausted from being awake so long. She had essential oils diffusing, almond oil massaging the pain away as it came. Applied to pressure points while I was experiencing contractions. I am forever grateful for her love and passion as a doula. I could never pay her as much as she is worth especially for my first time giving birth. I was able to execute my goal with no drugs and having my baby all natural.

Shay Rose



Wenatchee, Wa


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